Server Rules:

  • No griefing unless it has been allowed for a specific event or a minigame.
  • No stealing.
  • No PVP without consent.
  • Treat other members with respect.
  • No hacking, such as xray/fly etc.

Proximity chat:

The server has proximity voice chat enabled. If you wish to use it you will need to install the following client-side mod: simple-voice-chat


  • AFK Display - Any AFK player on the server will have their name grayed out in tab list and chat.
  • Anti-Enderman grief - Prevents endermen from picking up blocks.
  • Armor Statues - Allows the player to modify the pose and position of an armor stand, and can be utilised by signing a book with the name "Statues".
  • Coordinates Hud - Shows a Hud above the player's hotbar with the player's coordinates, direction and time. Can be toggled using /trigger ch_toggle
  • Fast Leaf Decay - Once all the logs of a tree are broken, the leaves of that tree instantly decay.
  •  Homes - Allows the player to set 3 Homes. Instructions are as follows:
    /trigger sethome <1-3> - sets a home.
    /trigger home <1-3> - teleports a player to a home.
    /trigger delhome <1-3> - delete a home
  • Spawn- Allows the player to quickly teleport back to spawn using /trigger spawn
  • Item Averages - Allows the player to see how many items flow through a certain point in a set time. Command can be utilized using /trigger ia_help
  • Player Head drops - When a player is killed by another player, the player's head drops. Important: Permission should be given before killing for someone's head
  • More Mob Heads- Any killed mob will have a chance to drop their head.